Case Studies

Business Intelligence Application

Business Challenge

A recent acquisition of a unit dose repackager presented an opportunity for a leading global pharmaceutical distributor to pass on substantial savings to its existing institutional customers, by offering hundreds of similar or identical products at more competitive prices.

The challenge was to identify, qualify and track product conversion savings opportunities relative to customers, products and sales territories. This involved establishing dynamic rules around product substitution and/or conversion eligibility as well as estimated packaging and handling markups. Adding to the complexity of the application was the need to integrate the new subsidiary’s proprietary databases containing valuable pricing and sales data. This data was not tracked using industry standard identification nomenclature, creating a barrier to mapping data between the two platforms.

A major requirement was to make the output "portable" in terms of converting it into other file formats such as .pdf, .csv, and Microsoft Excel so that opportunities could be shared throughout the sales organization. Lastly, the application had to produce report analytics "on demand", and account for variations in fixed pricing parameters as well as continual changes to products and customers eligibility criteria.

Advanced Solution

Ten2Eleven developed a customized business intelligence solution centered on a series of dynamic customer conversion and savings opportunity tracking reports. These reports identify high, moderate and low actionable customer savings and revenue opportunities on demand by item and product category. Users can perform sensitivity analyses on demand by selecting from a menu of incremental cost factors to tailor each savings and revenue opportunity at the customer level. Furthermore, these opportunities are mapped back to local and regional sales hierarchies creating cascading metrics by which the sales teams are measured.


In total, Ten2Eleven’s business intelligence solution identifies and tracks nearly $2.4 billion in incremental open-market revenue opportunities and $1.2 billion in additional internal sales opportunities annually. Metrics from the business intelligence solution have become an integral part of the clients CRM system and performance measures for sales and account managers. All told, Ten2Eleven used its business and technical knowledge to dramatically improve their client's profitability.

  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Server Integration Services
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • $2.4 Billion in new revenue opportunities
  • $1.2 Billion in new customer savings opportunities
  • New CRM performance metrics