Case Studies

Data Conversion & Software Implementation

Business Challenge

In the latter part of 2008 the town of Fernley, Nevada decided to put its residential hauling privileges out to bid. The city would grant one company exclusive rights to haul trash for residential customers living on lots less than two acres in size. After carefully considering several potential haulers, the city announced that newly formed TrashPros would assume the contract.

TrashPros faced many challenges as a completely new company, including the implementation of a third-party technology solution to manage their business. TrashPros required assistance from IT professionals with experience in application development, data conversion and training coupled with a solid understanding of the waste industry.

The Solution

In late November, TrashPros contacted the fourth largest publicly held solid waste company in the United States for assistance. After consulting with the Chief Information Officer they were referred to Ten2Eleven Business Solutions for service. Equipped with extensive experience in the operational and technological facets of the industry, Ten2Eleven was ready to assist and began preparing for the implementation. The solution would involve data conversion, training and support.

The Process

Phase I - Planning and Requirements Gathering

Understanding that all disposal companies are unique, the Ten2Eleven implementation team worked closely with TrashPros staff to identify how their business would run. Through several requirement gathering sessions, the Ten2Eleven team was able to develop and document a tailored plan that met all of TrashPros' needs.

Phase II – Data Conversion

During a typical data conversion, information is migrated from an existing system to a new data repository. The TrashPros data conversion process proved unique, however, as the company was not taking over an existing contract with existing data. Therefore, the implementation team had to rely on data provided by the local government. The data files were presented in Excel format and contained a tremendous amount of surplus information that provided an additional level of complexity to the project. To ensure accuracy in the conversion process, Ten2Eleven worked closely with TrashPros and the County liaison to identify relevant information and complete a successful data conversion.

Phase III – Training

By mid-December, with the data conversion near completion, Ten2eleven’s training staff developed and presented a custom training curriculum. The two day on-site course was designed around several factors such as, end user experience, training environment and company operations. Once all users were familiarized with the application, TrashPros was ready to start providing quality support for its customers.

The Result

TrashPros began servicing the City of Fernley, Nevada in December 2008 – only 45 days after founding the company and securing the City’s waste management contract. Ten2Eleven’s accelerated implementation of customer management software enabled TrashPros to communicate with, provide service to and invoice city residents on their first day of normal business operations.

Based on Ten2Eleven’s responsiveness, quality of service and timely solution implementation, data conversion and custom training, TrashPros decided to forego the technical support offered by the third party software company and retain Ten2Eleven as their main support provider. Ten2Eleven continues to provide real time, 24x7 support for employees at TrashPros of Nevada.

Client - TrashPros of Nevada
  • 10+ Employees
  • Approx 8000 Customers
  • 5+ Side Load Trucks
  • 4 Route Days
Project Challenges
  • Non-Existing Customer Data
  • 3rd Party Software
  • No Existing Processes
  • Employees with No Industry Experience