Distribution & Manufacturing

Helping manufacturers and distributors face today’s pressures

Manufacturers and distributors today are facing increasingly global competition. Now, more than ever, the pressure is on to streamline processes and operations; reduce overhead and carrying costs; find and fix margin leaks, redundancies and inefficiencies throughout the supply chain; and improve both customer satisfaction and competitiveness.

With ever-changing market challenges, it’s vital to have the ability to make better, faster and more informed decisions that improve the bottom line. And that’s where Ten2Eleven can help.

Ten2Eleven provides custom business intelligence and decision support solutions and consulting services to manufacturers and distributors that are looking to improve the efficiency of their supply chain and boost their profitability – while gaining the management insight needed to ensure continued success.

Improving insight means improving efficiencies

Your organization collects huge amounts of data from a wide range of sources – customers, suppliers, finance managers, operations managers, procurement managers, warehouse and distribution managers, etc. The result is often inaccurate, outdated, redundant and/or conflicting information that leads to lack of insight, poor business decisions, inefficient operations, greater risk and missed opportunities.

Ten2Eleven can develop a custom business intelligence and decision support solution designed to improve your supply chain management with data-driven solutions to real business problems. We’ll help you quickly extract hidden information from the varied, multiple data sources across your organization and externally acquired proprietary datasets that can be used to fix cost leaks and improve your bottom line.

Solution Benefits for Distribution & Manufacturing
  • Gain insight that helps you increase inventory turnover while better forecasting necessary stock levels to meet customer demand
  • Quickly identify and resolve conflicting or duplicate data within your data sources
  • Find out where you’re making money – and where you’re losing it
  • Examine the true costs of inventory through demand and leakage analysis
  • Ensure supplier pricing charges are accurate according to the most recent contract agreements
  • Improve the accuracy and timeliness of distribution and delivery
  • Reduce lost sales and increase service levels through lead time and demand forecasting analysis
  • Reduce waste and lost revenues from expired or outdated products
  • Supplement inadequate ERP reporting with more granular reporting capabilities or fulfill critical reporting needs until the full ERP implementation has been completed