Effective management of complex data is the price of admission

The complexity of compensation is increasing exponentially for pharmaceutical product. With expanding government regulation regarding drug pedigree, dispensing and reimbursement, data has become the raw currency of the business.

A simple question as to whether a drug is more profitable to dispense is no longer clear once pricing tiers, rebates, chargebacks from a web of manufacturers, distributors, government insurance and other players are taken into account. In addition, the many large dominant players are already using big data and analytics to their advantage in negotiating and servicing the Pharmaceutical sector.

Ten2Eleven helps simplify and level the field by providing custom business intelligence and decision support solutions matched to your needs. Our custom solutions ensure you are being compensated as contracted while providing improved data to support dispensing, inventory management and supplier negotiation decisions.

Improving Insight from data you already have

Data is increasing, both in richness and volume. Providers of Pharmaceutical product need to be able to address the dual goals of counseling patient preference while also ensuring their decisions support a sustainable business for them. What providers need is to simplify complex decisions that need to be made.

Ten2Eleven can help you define business intelligence and decision support solutions designed to fit your business needs, and based on data you already have (or have access to). We will help you extract hidden data from your varied and multiple data sources that allow you to make more informed decisions, manage compliance more efficiently, and give you the real-time financial impact of decisions.

Solutions Benefits for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Understand where you’re making money – and where you’re losing money
  • Identify and remove redundancies and inefficiencies that are impacting your margins
  • Identify where you’ve been paying beyond what is required and ensure that purchasing pricing is accurate according to the most recent contract agreements
  • Minimize the cost and risk of expired product
  • Examine the true costs of inventory through demand and leakage analysis
  • Quickly identify and resolve conflicting or duplicate material data within your data sources